Will writing

Making a Will is one of the most fundamental aspects of estate planning, yet many people do not appreciate its importance.

Your Will gives details of how you wish your estate to be distributed on your death. Being assured you have made proper provision for all those you feel should benefit, and choosing the executors and trustees who will carry out your wishes not only provides reassurance for you, but also to those who may be adversely effected by anything other than an organised transition of your estate and affairs.

It is also an opportunity to plan the distribution in a tax-efficient manner, particularly with regard to Inheritance Tax (IHT).

Our simple and straight forward Will Writing service will ensure that your wishes are carried out and in a way that provides the best for you and your interests rather than the state.

A simple single appointment is usually all that is required, however more complex Wills may need a little more time to determine the best course and allow for any detailed planning before committing – this is something that we can advise you on.

Contact us today for more information and to arrange an appointment with one of our trained specialists.