The current tough economy has resulted in many businesses being unable to continue trading. The knock-on effect impacts those businesses with whom they do business. It is important that you do not knowingly trade while insolvent – doing so can result in legal action being taken against you.

If all else fails and your business has to go into administration, receivership, or insolvency, we can advise regarding your options and work with you to chart the best course of action. We are here as insolvency specialists to guide you through the financial, legal and regulatory implications.

In some cases we can help you arrange a corporate or individual voluntary arrangement, which allows the opportunity to endeavour to trade out of a difficult financial situation.
We understand that this is a complex and emotive area – so taking proper professional advice from insolvency specialists is essential to ensure that not only due process is followed, but also you are guided through in the most appropriate way for your individual circumstances.

Contact us today to discuss how, in this highly regulated area, we can assist in making sure that your best interests are served.